During World War II British women were encouraged to be glamorous. Everyone knew Hitler loathed cosmetics, he thought women should wear plain clothing and no makeup. Anything Hitler despised made women more eager to oppose the enemies traditions.

Red lipstick was seen as a symbol of patriotism. In those historic days, women with beauty were encouraged to remind soldiers what they were fighting for, to give them an incentive and lift their spirits. However, when war shortages kicked in, you couldn’t readily buy makeup. Unable to produce the beautiful lipsticks that women craved, the major brands continued to advertise their products. They reminded women that “Beauty Was A Duty”. British women bought into the sentiment, even if they couldn’t buy lipstick. They used whatever cosmetics they could to cling on to a sense of pride and dignity.

Despite the war shortages, Revlon managed to introduce new products. Revlon became the largest vendor of nail enamel and lipstick, known as “Lips and Tips Shades”. The lipstick shade “Fire and Ice” was launched in 1952. Vogue magazine planned its November issue around the shade.



An advertising campaign with one of America’s first supermodels Dorian Leigh was launched. It consisted of a two-page spread with a full-page dedicated to a quiz for the readers. It was a very tongue-in-cheek concept to determine if any women readers were brave enough to wear the “Full Proof Formula” for melting a male. If you could answer positively to eight questions or more you were deemed to be made of Fire and Ice!

It was the most talked-about campaign of its time, winning advertising awards and an advert of the year accolade. Subsequentially Dorian Lee was deemed to be the “Fire and Ice Girl”. Leigh wore a stunning mermaid silver sequenced gown. The glittering gown was meant to evoke ice and was paired with a Fiery red cloak. In 2010 Revlon re-released three Lip and Tip pairings and restaged the advert with Jessica Biel standing in as Dorian Leigh.

Good Beauty Guide Revlon Fire And Ice Jessica Biel



Revlon Fire and Ice Questions



The new Fire and Ice colour collections include lipsticks and nail polishes in new luxurious and bold colours. Orange, Rich Pink and Classic Red were perfect for women to recreate the look and not afraid to show their feminine and glamourous side.


Revlon Fire And Ice Lipstick

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