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We can all love how nail polishes add colour and shine to our nails however constant coating can lead to weak peeling and brittle nails so they will need extra care to help protect them. I have been guilty of covering up my damaged nails by applying another coat of polish and while it looks pleasing to the eye it does nothing to help strengthen your nails.

A nail strengthener can work wonders and are packed with nourishing ingredients that nurses nails back to health. You can use a nail strengthener on bare nails or it can act as a base coat before you apply your nail polish. A good nail strengthener will act as a workhorse for your nails and my favourite has got to be Nail HQ London Strengthener.

Good Beauty Guide Nail HQ Strengthener

Nail HQ Strengthener works wonders to recover the weakest of nails. It is infused with coconut oil and keratin which is a family of proteins naturally found in nails and hair alongside alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s) to help your nails become harder, stronger and healthier. When I used this strengthener to my nails I instantly saw how quickly it dries so you don’t have to wait long before you apply your nail varnish. Using Nail HQ strengthener you will notice the difference in your nails after three days of use and they will feel much stronger and healthier. Give your nails some much-needed comeback to restore your weakened nails and they will promise to leave you in tip-top condition. Buy your Nail HQ Strengthener here!




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