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Hair extensions are addictive and once you have your new Rapunzel Locks, your natural hair simply won’t cut it anymore, so be warned. I decided to try out some hair extensions to add length and volume to the sides of my hair.  These hair extensions are ethically and traceably sourced using 100 per cent double drawn Remy quality raw hair from India and each bundle of hair comes from one head and has the same thickness from root to tip which means you have the same texture throughout your hair. Great Lengths extensions are attached to the hair with keratin bonds which is a protein that our hair is naturally made up of and should last you between four and six months if you look after them.

I felt like a new woman amazed that the extra length looked great in my hair and I was enjoying the new me. I was warned by my hairdresser to avoid playing with them all the time. I really couldn’t help it! They were so great! As a result, my new hair extensions loosened in the process and some began falling out. I was back to plain old me again and I missed my new locks. I was hooked and eager to get them straight back in. This time I was careful with my hair extensions especially whilst washing them.

There are many products to help retain your new locks and to keep them in tip-top condition. Ingredients do matter and a trusted sulfate-free shampoo is gentler to hair extensions than a sulfate one because the sulfate does tend to make hair extensions fall out. Sulfates may also cause your colour or highlights to fade. I recently started using Kerastase Discipline Fluidealiste Shampoo a coloured-treated sulfate-free shampoo that will leave your hair silky soft and smooth. This shampoo has a creamy and luxurious feel which leaves your hair clean, smooth and shiny. I always do a double wash to get more of a lather we all love.


Good Beauty Guide Kerastase Discipline Fluidealiste Shampoo


This shampoo felt light and rinsed out well leaving my hair more manageable and easier to detangle. It also reduces the appearance of frizz and flyaways which is great for curls. It is important to be gentle when it comes to brushing your hair after you wash it as tugging or being rough can damage your extensions or cause them to fall out. Make sure to dry your hair fully and avoid going to bed with your hair wet so you will minimise the chances of tangling. I love my hair extensions even if they do require a little maintenance, they add volume, thickness and length which give me the confidence to shine. Let the good times begin.

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Hairdresser Suzzanne Ni Bhraoin Owner of The Hair Gallery Castlebar Co Mayo use “Great Lengths Hair Extensions” in her salon.

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