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Eyeliners are an essential beauty tool, and a white or nude eyeliner can give the illusion that your eyes are brighter and more prominent. Sweeping a nude eyeliner along your waterline will instantly portray a wide-awake look. The waterline area is quite thin and sensitive so using any old eye pencil on your lashline is not worth running the risk of getting a scratched cornea. Using eyeliners with a creamy formula works best around this delicate area.

Good Beauty Guide Marc Jacobs Beauty Highlighter Gel Eye Crayon

Marc Jacobs Beauty Highlighter Gel Eye Crayon gives a long-lasting smooth and luxurious finish. It is a twelve-hour waterproof gel eyeliner that comes as a twist-up pencil. The off-white colour in the buff has a champagne tone that covers any traces of redness. The formula has vitamin E and rosehip seed oil and is quite pigmented. This nude colour pencil feels like silk and comes with a built-in sharpener on one end to give you a precise line. For me, nude eyeliner blends more naturally with your skin tone and instantly makes my eyes look more refreshed.

I like to apply my eyeliner after I have completed my eye make-up, to avoid having to reapply. A nude eyeliner can mimic your natural waterline to make your eyes stand out. You can also apply a small V on to the inner corners of your eyes for a more brightening effect. If you are ready to go on the bright side, this gel liner is too.

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