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I’d like to welcome you to the Good Beauty Guide. Like most people, what you start doing in life doesn’t necessarily mean that you will end up doing that forever. That applies to me also. We all have dreams and wishes, and as a kid, I was into the usual girly things. I had aspirations and was always fascinated by magazines, beautiful clothes and glamourous women with gorgeous makeup. My interest was always piqued by trends in fashion and the history of makeup.

After leaving school and attending University, my career path took a different route, and I ended up pursuing a career in Social Care. It was challenging and rewarding, but ultimately my passion was in beauty, skincare and cosmetics. I married a photographer who encouraged me to pursue my passion. After taking part-time classes in makeup and practising for a few years, I eventually took a leap of faith and enrolled and in a professional makeup artistry course where I achieved my ITEC qualifications. After much hard work, moving home, bringing up young kids, I see the world of beauty and skincare evolving.

My passion is skincare and sourcing the best of everything. We are bombarded daily by advertising, social media, product placements and endorsements. My goal is to provide the best information there is available to my audience. I want to cut through the marketing and recommend the best. Quality is crucial, and sometimes the right products are really worth paying the price. At the same time, there are new companies with disruptive products, which makes it all exciting. I love the history of makeup, and I’d like to show you every so often what’s what, who’s who and why we do things in a particular way. Above all, my articles are truthful. I aim to try and make a living from my passion and do it honestly. I hope you enjoy the Good Beauty Guide and all the present and forthcoming articles.


Karen Boyle
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